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Setting pace with ever-changing technology allows Stargazer Satellite Systems to maintain high customer satisfaction ratings because of our reasonable prices and outstanding customer service. Stargazer Satellite Systems is a local retail representative for DirecTv. These services are not limited to residences and businesses in town, but they also cater to individuals who reside in the surrounding rural communities.

Mike Jordan, owner of Stargazer Satellite Systems, served our country through the US Air Force for four years and worked at telephone companies before leaving to start his own business. The thought of owning his own business and providing top quality entertainment services to his clients has led him to his success today.

Mike takes great pride in the fact that his company is not only a member of the Bowling Green-Warren County Chamber of Commerce but they have been a Better Business Bureau Accredited business since 1995 with an A+ rating. 

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Stargazer Satellite Systems began in 1985 when C-Band dishes were most prominent in the rural community. Paying a small fee for the system setup allowed people to receive hundreds of free channels, and that appealed to potential Stargazer customers.This was the launch of Stargazer Satellite Systems. Our business had its struggles through the economic changes, but it has fortunately registered a steady increase in sales in several years which is a result of our commitment to customer satisfaction. Presently we are the area's number one satellite dealer.

After several years in business for himself Mike's best advice for those wanting to start their own business, "Be sure you love what you are doing because it takes a lot of time and effort to keep your new business going."

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